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2009 Holiday Giving Events

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Sunday, December 13, Joyful Sisters…Celebration of Beauty.  We recognized that taking care of ourselves can often take a back seat to the responsibilities that we carry on a daily basis. So, we recruited beauty professionals to volunteer their time and talent to pamper the women who live at the Women’s Residential & Counseling Center (WRCC)* with new hairstyles, make-overs, manicures, back massages and additional spa treats. The event was a total success and may of the female residents also brought their children to enjoy the free spa services. A great time was had by all and many of the WRCC residents expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the volunteers. Space to Grow is thankful for the volunteers who joined us that day in bringing smiles to the faces of so many people.

To view photos from this awesome event click here: WRCC Beauty 2009

WRCC - Celebration of Beauty

WRCC - Celebration of Beauty


  • Volunteer professionals to cut/style hair, apply make-up and give beauty tips to the ladies and manicurist/masseuse as a special treat.
  •  Babysitters are needed to entertain the children while their mothers receive the VIP treatment.
  • Holiday munchies - cookies, cake, juice, egg nog or monetary donation to purchase the snacks.
  • Raffle prizes - it’s ok to re-gift if the present can go to someone who will appreciate the gift and actually use it. Think about donating items that are in excellent condition (original package preferred) like perfume gift sets, toiletry baskets, purses, etc.
  • Gift cards to give away as raffle prizes.

To receive more information on the event, please email For more information on WRCC, please visit the Coalition for the Homeless website,  WRCC is a transitional housing facility located in Downtown Orlando that serves women and children and prepares them to be self sufficient. Nearly 75 percent of the women are victims of crimes, predominantely domestic violence.

Saturday, December 5 - STG Youth/Palm Lake Kids Who Care group 2nd Annual Children’s Holiday Party at the Coalition for the Homeless main campus. The children planned a fun filled two hour event with a sugary breakfast that any kid would love (donuts) and games to entertain. In addition, the Coalition children were able to choose a gently used stuffed animal that the children collected through a school drive.

Why we do what we do….

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Community support, through volunteering and donations, is critical to the success of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). NPOs depend on members of the community (individuals, foundations and corporations) for the support needed to carry out their mission.  The number of people being served by NPOs has increased due to the poor economy, while their funding has decreased. 
For example, the Coalition for the Homeless relies on community support for over 70% of their resources. However, they’ve noticed a drastic drop in food donations from individuals and in the food supplies available from local food banks. They rely exclusively on the generosity of the community to meet almost all of their resident supply needs. There are 3,970 homeless persons living in Central Florida on any given night in 2009; a 17% increase over 2008 results. The number of homeless families with children has increased dramatically since 2008.  As of May, 2009, 4,206 homeless children had attended schools in the region, as compared with 2,700 during the 2007-08 school year.
According to the Heart of Florida United Way, more than 62,600 local jobs disappeared between March 08 & March 09.  Many of these families are also losing their homes to foreclosure.
Space to Grow Charities fills the needs of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) through Giving Events© focused on fundraising, collect drives and volunteerism. 
In addition, we organize Point of Entry events to both promote the NPOs programs and cultivate relationships with loyal supporters and new donors. We share personal reflections that inspire donors to participate.
Our Giving Events© provide inspirational and uplifting experiences that support the emotional development of the NPO clients to help them overcome their circumstances. Many of our events are designed to assist children by providing experiences that may be out of their reach due to their family situations. We aspire to bring compassionate fun into their lives while reinforcing the fundamentals of teamwork and personal responsibility.